Below are the details of my direct line ancestors.  We have details of other lines as well.  For further detailed information on other Shingfield family ancestors please send me an email.  I shall be pleased to hear from you. 

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William Joseph was born in 1881 in Syderstone, Norfolk and was buried in 1964 in Ingoldisthorpe, Norfolk. 

William married Emily Sutton and had four children: Katherine, May, Alfred and Eva.

William worked as a trashing engine driver and as a thatcher.  The thatching he did was not of houses, but of flax stacks.  Flax is used for rough linen for sacks and grows like corn.  After harvesting the flax would be stacked and he would thatch the stacks to protect them from the weather.  He mostly worked on the Queens Estate at Sandringham.

William working with daughter Eva near a flax stack.