Below are the details of my direct line ancestors.  We have details of other lines as well.  For further detailed information on other Shingfield family ancestors please send me an email.  I shall be pleased to hear from you. 

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William was born in 1821 and was buried in 1910 in Gooderstone, Norfolk. 

William married Elizabeth Clark and had five children: Mary Ann, Eliza, Joseph Clark, Alfred and Julia.

William was different from his father and grandfather as his occupation was Farmer, instead of labourer. On a census he is listed as employing one man (Joseph Clark, his son).

His wife Elizabeth was called Betsie by the family, and was known locally as a 'horse healer'.  She kept her own coffin in the front room and frequently had afternoon naps in it!

Alfred their son, died of a horse bite while still in his 40s.

William and Elizabeth Shingfield