Below are the details of my direct line ancestors.  We have details of other lines as well.  For further detailed information on other Shingfield family ancestors please send me an email.  I shall be pleased to hear from you. 

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Robert was born in 1784 in Cockley Cley, Norfolk and was buried in 1837 in Oxborough, Norfolk. Oxborough was the nearest church to the small village of Caldecote, where the family actually lived.

Robert married Mary Gathergood and had eight children: Mary, Mathew, Rose, Robert, Martha, Gathergood, William and John.

Robert (snr) worked as a farm labourer on local land.  We are particularly interested in finding out more information about Gathergood, the boy who was given his mothers maiden name.

Robert's son, Robert has been found buried in Oxborough.  We know that Robert (jnr's) own sons were widely travelled, with one going to Sheffield, another to Burton-on-Trent and a third emigrated to Canada.

Robert Shingfield (jnr)