When we first started researching the Shingfield name we believed that the name was fairly uncommon and so far the amount of records we've found have substantiated that belief.

Of the 64 households we wrote to, which accounted for 108 people, we have so far linked together 82 people.  Of these 82, the line splits down into just 3 main families.  We had originally made it 5 families, but upon researching some older data a few lines joined together.  These 3 original families are based solely in Norfolk.

It also seems that the Shingfield name has always been of fairly limited distribution, with only 101 people in the 1901 census and 70 in the 1881 census.

  1. William, born 1750 - 18 living descendants

  2. John, born around 1750 - 12 living descendants

  3. Randel, born 1780 - 47 living descendants
    Leaving 5 living people who we have been unable to link so far.

These figures currently don't include those people overseas who's ancestors have emigrated, as we still don't have enough information.  The majority of Shingfield ancestors seem to have stayed local to Norfolk, but the occasional son has developed wanderlust and we have also contacted people in America, Canada and Australia in an effort to locate missing relatives.  If you think you may have a Shingfield ancestor please feel free to get in touch with me!